Paediatric clinical networks

Support for NSW Health’s paediatric clinical networks has transitioned to the Paediatric Network at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation .

The Children's Healthcare Network (CHN) supports paediatric clinicians to provide high-quality healthcare across NSW. The vision and goal of CHN is that all children, regardless of where they live, will have access to high-quality healthcare, as close to home as possible.

CHN is divided into three regions - Northern, Western and Southern. Each region has a convenor and a coordinator. They are supported by the CHN Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultants, who are employed by local health districts. The CHN Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultants provide clinical expertise, support and education to health professionals employed within their districts.

Each region also has:

  • an allied health educator who provides educational support for NSW Health allied health professionals (including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists) employed within their districts
  • a medical lead who provides medical expertise and leadership for the region.


Convenor: Director, Children Young People and Families Services, Hunter New England Local Health District (HNEkidshealth)

Coordinator: Ms Leanne Crittenden
Medical Lead: Dr Keith Howard
Allied Health Educator: Sonia Hughes

The Northern region works in partnership with:


Convenor: Chief Executive, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network
Coordinator: Ms Clare Godfrey
Medical Lead: Dr Robert Slade
Allied Health Educator: Jennifer Nicol/Sue Sims

The Southern region works in partnership with:


Convenor: Chief Executive, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network
Coordinator: Ms Karyn Fahy​
Medical Lead: Dr Allan Kerrigan
Allied Health Educator: Carmel Blayden

The Western region works in partnership with:

Page Updated: Thursday 18 April 2019